NBA Draft: The #9 pick and what the Wolves should to do with it

Tuesday night’s NBA Draft Lottery came and went with little fan fare…that is unless you are a Cavaliers or Wizards fan.  What about the Timberwolves you ask?  Where did they end up?  Well, not to spoil the surprise but the Wolves failed to move up in the draft, ONCE AGAIN, and will be picking 9th overall in the 2013 NBA Draft.images (1)

Having the 9th overall pick was once a pretty valuable thing.  The #9 pick used to to net you a solid rotation player, one that would either be able to come in and contribute right away (off the bench) or who would hold a fair amount of potential for your team down the road.  Those were the good old days.  What about THIS year, 2013, you ask?  Well, the Wolves aren’t so lucky.  The 2013 is one of the weakest drafts of the last decade… what it lacks in top end talent it also lacks in depth.  Where does that leave the Wolves?  It forces the new regime under Flip Saunders to make some tough and important decisions in the upcoming months.

The Wolves have a few options at their disposal.  They could 1) keep the #9 and #26 picks 2) try to trade up by dealing some combination of the #9, #26, and a player tbd or 3) trade the pick(s) in combination with a player tbd to acquire a veteran.

Which course of action do you think the Wolves should take? Should they try and reload in the draft and hope that their rookies can contribute to a playoff run in year 1?  Should they try to trade up for one of the top rookies in the draft hoping they can propel the team to a playoff birth and join Rubio, Love, and Pek as building blocks? or should the Wolves package their pick(s) and players to try and make a splash by trading for a veteran who can help this team win now?  Let me know what you think!decision-making

I will be going into each of these options in more detail in future posts to come.  I will cover: who the Wolves should pick if we keep #9 and #26, who the Wolves should target if we were to trade up and what would be acceptable to give up to do so, and who the Wolves should target in the league if we were to trade out of the draft to try and find a veteran to help us win right now.


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