Hello Word Press!

Here marks my first post in the blogging community that is Word Press.   Ok, maybe that’s a little untrue.  I had started this blog initially on Blogger and am now choosing to make the switch and join the ranks of the Word Press world.

With this shift I will hold myself to frequent and regular posts.  Most topics will be sports related, most commonly of the baseball/basketball/football variety,  and will use numbers whenever possible to support my views and opinions.  There will also be the occasional Miscellaneous Musing post that won’t be sports related, but rather about current events in the world or in my life.

While my hometown teams the Twins, Timberwolves and Vikings will be heavily represented I will also observe and analyze trends for each league.   And in those instances where my fandom gets the best of me, I will at least give you the numbers to back it up.


8 thoughts on “Hello Word Press!

    • Yeah, I like it so far! Work has been kind of crazy coming into the holidays but I’m looking to really get into it more once things calm down some. It looks like you’re trying some pretty good beers over there! Do you ever make it out to Chicago?

      • Yeah, the MN beer situation just exploded. I love Chicago, its one of my favorite places ever. My family and I used to go a lot, maybe I’ll get out there this spring to taste some beer and see Millennium Park. What are you up to?

      • That’s what I hear about MN beer. I’ve been meaning to try some of the newer stuff. Sadly I’ve only tried a little of Surly and Fulton’s offerings and that is about it. I’m due for a brew tour or two next time I’m up there.

        Chicago is great, and it’s not just because of the beer, Ha. I’ve been working as a structural engineer out here for the past 3 1/2 years. I don’t know where the time has gone. Now I’m just exploring some of my other interests and seeing where that takes me.

        Let me know if you come out this spring and I’ll join you on a tour or two! Do you have any upcoming brewery plans I should be looking forward to reading about?

      • Yeah, I’ll let you know for sure. I think I want to tour Summit with my dad and maybe a few newer ones in the suburbs like Steel Toe,
        I’ll have to poke around and see what Chicago has.

      • That sounds like a good time. Summit is great. I haven’t heard of SteelToe though. Let me know how that is. Chicago has a lot of good stuff that has popped up in the past year or two. Definitely enough to justify a trip out here. I’m in Kansas City this weekend and am hoping to check out Boulevard Brewing. Have you ever been?

      • No, but I REALLY want to go! Tallgrass brewing is in Manhattan, KS and that is another place I’m dying to visit. Its about time I get to Chicago, though, glad to hear the beer scene is growing.

      • That would be a cool one to visit too! If I had my car with me and more time I would have tried to swing over there. Boulevard was actually really cool. It’s pretty huge in the area and some of their smokestack series is REALLY good. You should definitely check it out if you make it that way and let me know about Tallgrass if you beat me too it, ha. Chicago has a ton of craft beer expansion going on. It’s pretty awesome being in the middle of it and being a beer lover, ha. I’d be happy to make some suggestions on some Chicago local brews if you are ever interested.

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