Feuding with a rival when your team is terrible…worth it?

The past two years the Minnesota Twins have been bottom dwellers.  Sure, we may have come into each year with a glimmer of optimism about our roster but it quickly became clear that we just weren’t going to cut it.  As a result, we have two 90+ loss seasons.  The losing is bad enough people.  Speaking as a committed fan of the team as well as the sport in general, it begins to wear on you.  With every new losing streak that befalls your team you get a little less excited about the next upcoming series.  Not only do you get less pumped up to support your terrible team but you start to lose interest in rooting against your rival teams.  Sadly, I am at this point.

I have been living in and around Chicago for the better part of 6 years now and with that I get a lovely dose of White Sox pride.  When the Twins were good, I could chime in, debate teams and would actively root against the Sox.  I’m not say I was out looking for a fight, but I definitely had something to fight for and something to back it up with (my team’s winning record).  But now?!  We are bottom dwellers.  When a Sox fan starts boasting about their team, how can I fight back?  Clearly a bottom dwelling team can’t openly criticize a better team for being terrible.  Have that happen long enough and you forget how to stick up against those rival teams until realize, they aren’t really your rival anymore.  You have to be on a similar talent playing field for that.  It’s sad but it’s true.  The Twins can’t really consider the Sox or the Tigers as true rivals anymore.  Not until we turn things around and become competitive again.  At least, that is the stance I have found myself taking during this post season.  And it’s why I find myself rooting for the Tigers to win the World Series.

Wait what? The Tigers?!  I used to loath that team, and now I’m OK with rooting for them?  Have the Twins really fallen that far?  What is wrong with me? It kind of makes me sick to think about this betrayal… but should it? Is it really a betrayal after all? I still contend that I am a committed and loyal Twins fan.  I will be for the rest of my life.  Until we turn it around, though, I say just enjoy watching the game.  Don’t let your team’s dismal record sour the game of baseball for you… even if it means rooting for someone you never thought you would.


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